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I have been playing drums since the early 80's in many different bands playing the music from the 1950's until the 1960's.

I have been an avid collector of snare drums since the mid 1990's which range from the 1930's-mid 60's and specialize in collecting Trixon Drums.

I also have a rare 1966 Meazzi Hollywood, Top Hat & Cane 90th Ludwig Anniversary Special, a 1946 Slingerland Radio King, a rare Deri model Dixi with the complete elliptical bass drum and a very rare Tromsa from early 1960


All things drums...

Drum Hire Royalty....

All things drums...

Bringing together all things Vintage to the drum community.

Showcasing my Trixon Drums collection of over 27 drum kits and 30 snare drums collected in the past 25 years and also showing them being played live..

I have had the proud honor and showcased my Drums in Rhythm Magazine on 6 separate occasions, been asked to exhibit some of my collection at the U.K. National Drum Fair and twice atSimon Johns Vintage Drum Show!

September 2018 Featured in Nick Hopkins Vintage Drums Legendary Sounds Issue 5  with a 4 page spread on my vintage collection. 


Drum Hire Royalty....

Drum Hire Royalty....

Drum Hire Royalty....

I hire out my Vintage Drums for Film/TV or  Band Video Shoots so do not hesitate to get into contact. 

The next section shows many Drums from the 1940's-late 1960's that are available. 

So if you want to HIRE the 'Jewel in the Crown,' then 'Prince Drums' is the place for you!!!

....Cos, if you can't trust a fellow tub thumper then who can you trust!!!

Arctic Monkeys Video with 2 Rare Prince Drums  Trixon/Vox sets featured!



Trixon 1964 Grey Pearl Luxus

Trixon 1964 Grey Pearl Luxus

Trixon 1964 Grey Pearl Luxus


Very good communication and very well packaged..just as described,  at last I have got to own a Trixon Drum-set.

Thank you for everything Prince Drums.

Lee from Oz 

1962/63 Trixon Telstar

Trixon 1964 Grey Pearl Luxus

Trixon 1964 Grey Pearl Luxus


I bought this red pearl Vintage Drum kits and snare drums Trixon 62/63 Tele from Dave to go with my Speedfire. Vintage Drums Hire and Sales aftercare was Incredible, the service and his excellent advice really helped me so much and was so unexpected, I have made a friend for life. Dave Prince is honest, reliable, and knowledgable. Your drumming friend from Turlock, California. (Cali) Dave Takvorian 

1953 Radio King

Trixon 1964 Grey Pearl Luxus

1966/67 Meazzi Hollywood President


Very pleased with my radio king,  The picture on the website was just how it looks in real life and just what I was looking for, as I also have the matching kit to go with it. I was so pleased I have since bought another snare drum too! Thanks again for a top service.  Steve U.K.

1966/67 Meazzi Hollywood President

Early 60's Trixon Blue Croco Snare Drum

1966/67 Meazzi Hollywood President


I had been after this drum kit since I first saw it on Facebook, after keeping in touch with Prince Drums I bought it and it is now pride of place in my collection. Walter Adelaide South Australia

Early 60's Trixon Blue Croco Snare Drum

Early 60's Trixon Blue Croco Snare Drum

Early 60's Trixon Blue Croco Snare Drum


Saw this advertised and contacted Dave, fantastic service, arrived just as described, great stuff. For sure will be back again soon! Marc Hamburg Gerrmany

Vox Trixon Parts

Early 60's Trixon Blue Croco Snare Drum

Early 60's Trixon Blue Croco Snare Drum


I contacted Dave on Facebook after seeing his great collection to ask if he also sold parts. I have bought a Trixon cymbal arm, original Trixon snare wires, and Vox T-Rods, without his help I would never had been able to refurbish my kit. A real nice guy with great communication. Glen Calgary, Canada.

Drums For Sale/Sold.....



 1959 Trixon luxus with teardrop lugs in stunning white marine pearl, matching snare drum included in the sale.

Cymbal arm is not included...

Grab a bargain

  • £800 O.V.N.O


1940's Beverley SOLD MARCH 2020

  14”x9 1/2” COB Snare Drum..**

Grab a piece of history with this lovely very rare drum!!
Tension screws and lugs look all fine for a drum that is 80 years old...

Original Beverley inscribed top rim
Damper appears to be original and is working fine.
Vintage premier sensitive head on the batter side (circa 1970's)
Everplay Extra is present on the snare side (circa 1960's)
As you can see very old snare wires (circa 60's) but 1 is missing but still working fine...


1937 Ajax Fidelity SOLD APRIL 2020

Very rare drum with diamonds too!!

the wrap has deteriorated but, internal complete ok

damper ok, you can see 16 original tuning rods that are all ok

2 original Rims, and both snares are working and the top inside one is original!

The wrap has shrunk slightly away from the diamonds which is natural in an 80 year old drum. 

Everything is original other than the plastic heads and bottom snare wire.


1950-'52 Super Gene Krupa "SOLD!!!"

Small Oval Badge

In fab White Marine Pearl:

Top hoop has engraved: 

  • slingerland radio king

Throw has the slingerland on the side and on one corner of the shell it has 3 holes in the shape of a triangle for tom mounting as per the  "Combo-Bebop" set  and i was also used to 'hang' a bongo from the snare drum:



1950's Very Rare Deri Snare Drum in original black wrap early model.

Everything is present on this snare drum made in Germany from a brand not as well known as Ludwig, Sonor, Trixon..

Haven't seen many of these around so grab a piece of history from Prince Drums.

  • ASKING £300



A chance to own this fabulous Yellow Sparkle snare drum.

This is in almost new condition, still has factory fitted snare wires.

All other fittings are original and in good condition.

Original Trixon Badge present.

Original Trixon Remo Weatherking top head still in place but lots of wear to it.


Early 50's John Grey & Sons Piccolo

 Rare early 1950's John Grey with ther rare badge that is just about intact as you can see from the photo.

Calf skin is still present top side, and bottom side still has the HeadMaster 


 Drum..needs a bit of work to get it shining 

 of expected for a 60 year old drum.

Due to condition



1962/63 Trixon "SOLD!!!"

Very rare in blue croco wrap and with the teardrop lugs.

Throw off arm is missing but everything else is in place and the parallel action works fine


1959 Dallas Gigster pancake SOLD April 2019

Very rare dallas pancake in eye catching turquoise glass glitter finish.

Chromium plated tension fitting and counter hoops.

14" by 2" with 6 lugs  .

dated from 1957-1958

       NOW SOLD 06-04-2019!!

Watch this space.....


Snare drums and Kits being added daily....



1950's DERI in White Marine Pearl.

From Germany..The drum is all original with die cast hoops, slot tension rods. The lever for the snare throw is present (they are often missing) and it is in good working order.

cast aluminum with direct chrome plated lugs. 


  •                               ASKING £300                                                                                                                                


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